Program Summary

What do people love most on their birthdays?

More than cake and ice cream, more than balloons — people love receiving gifts for their birthdays. Birthday Pals can help you wish your target audience members a happy birthday while also creating increased walk-in traffic and potential loyal, long-term customers.

How it works

Each month we send out gift mailers personally addressed to individuals celebrating birthdays. Mailed to specific zip codes, these target approximately 1,000 people in the highly desirable demographic market of consumers 25 years and older with annual household incomes of $70,000 and above.

The sponsor gift vouchers are featured on our 9” x 12 ½”

oversized mailer they can’t miss, and offer the recipients FREE gifts for their birthday. We accept only 10 sponsors per zip code and offer an “exclusivity” option for your specific category if you so choose.

These features allow you to stand out from your direct competitors and ensure you will not get lost in the clutter of dozens or even hundreds of other advertisers.

Why it works

Obviously, around their birthdays people are in a happier frame of mind and more receptive to offers. However, it goes deeper than that, which is illustrated by two theories based on scientific research:  The Zero Price Effect and The Principle of Reciprocity. 

The Zero Price Effect – People are more likely to choose a free offer over one requiring them to outlay money, even if the latter is a better deal.

Example: A FREE $10 gift card for your business will generate more response than a $20 gift card that they purchase for $7.

The Principle of Reciprocity – In most business settings, customers who receive a benefit like a free gift will spend more or purchase additional products after they’ve accepted the free offer. Research also shows that customers perceive business owners offering free, no-strings-attached gifts as trustworthy and confident in their product. Overall, Birthday Pals is your key to attracting repeat, loyal customers with expendable income.

What you can expect

Short Term Contract—In order to get the full effect from a direct mail marketing campaign, the Direct Marketing Association recommends at least 6 mailings. Therefore, we require each of our chosen sponsors to commit to a short six month contract. We could have you sign up for a shorter term contract, but we know that you won’t be able to judge the full results of our program until we have exposed well over 6,000 selected recipients with your company’s name and message over the six month contract. If you are satisfied with the results after the first six months, the program will continue on a month to month basis. We also offer discounts for multiple zip codes.

Response—Most of our clients receive a response rate between 3% – 10%, which translates to 30 to 100 customers per each 1,000-quantity mailing.

Cost—Birthday Pals’ cost only $150/month which is only $35/week for each zip code, plus a nominal one-time art fee of $65.

Birthday Hat
Is Your Birthday This Month?