What People Are Saying

“My husband received my mailer on my 50th birthday and went to Coles Florist and surprised me with a “free birthday bouquet”. I never received flowers before from him!”

– Kathy H.

“I have been on a health kick for quite some time now. I got a [gift voucher] for a free milk shake from Cheeburger Cheeburger and decided to treat myself for my birthday. After I got there, I realized that this isn’t just a place to get a giant cheeseburger. They have huge salads that are actually better than the restaurants I usually eat lunch at.”

– Nathan D.

“I had never tried Gelato before. I was curious and went to Ambrosia Bakery to get my free Gelato. I never realized all the specialized Bakery products they offered. The Gelato was fantastic and I also left with the best Italian cream cake I have ever had!”

– Dennis C.

“I love designer sunglasses, but up until now, I have only been able to window shop. I got a [gift voucher] for 50% off a pair of glasses at the Optical Shoppe and was finally able to buy those Pradas. I now know that this whole time I could have done a layaway plan with The Optical Shoppe.”

– Kamryn S.

“I had not gone to a Quizno’s in years until I got the Birthday Pals mailer. They have so many more options than I remembered them having, at fairly reasonable prices. I now eat their regularly.”

– Raphael B.

“Cou-yon’s Barbecue is a fairly new barbecue restaurant in Baton Rouge. I went by there and used my Birthday Pals offer and fell in love with their roasted turkey!”

– Cary H.

“Geisha has always been my favorite sushi restaurant. I used to always order the same thing every time. I went last week and got my free appetizer and now I can’t pass them up!”

– Brenda H.

“I set a goal for my 49th birthday to be “fit by fifty.” With all the gyms popping up around town, I didn’t know which to choose from. I saw Anytime Fitness gave a free month to me for my birthday, so I decided to choose them.”

– Jenny E.

“I have never been one to use tanning beds, but I’ve been curious about this mystic tan I’ve been hearing so much about. I went to Salon Tropics to get my free mystic just to try it out and I look awesome!”

– Julie T.

“Over the last six months, I’ve probably driven through an automatic car wash a dozen times. The inside of my car was a wreck. It was so nice to be able to send it to Benny’s Car Wash for almost the same price as sending it through the drive through wash!”

– Phillip O.

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